Despite the difficulties, we continued to support children and their families in need in 2021.

Our health program remains the most important. Our doctors and health professionals performed a total of 8,322 examinations, therapies and parental consultations in our offices In 2021.


In January and February 2022, our physicians and health professionals made 884 examinations, therapies, and parental consultations.

In accordance with the emergency situation, we conducted our trainings offline and in digital form last year, including our Safer Internet Program (SIP).


We reached 10,600 users, including 8,050 children and 2,550 adults (parents, teachers and decision-makers) in 2021.

Unfortunately, our events in December 2021 were missed, but we donated 2,000 gift packages for Christmas from our supporters to children's institutions in Budapest and Pest countryside.


One of the sponsors of our scholarship program, Waberer’s International, donated 30 tablets to its excellent student fellows with the help of the ICSS.


At the beginning of April 2022, the OTP Dental Roadshow will start, and with it our mobile dental practice, which will visit locations in Budapest and the countryside. Preparations have already begun.

This year we want to hold our free children's day event in Városliget again on May 28-29.


Between June 1, 2021 and February 14, 2022, the ICCS spent a total of HUF 131,827,639 to help children, families and institutions in need.


Photo: Gordon Eszter, Fürjes Viktória