During our training and further training program in 2020, we paid scholarships to 186 disadvantaged but excellent and students with good ability in the total amount of HUF 77,385,000.

As part of our Safer Internet Program, we trained 5,632 users during the year to use the Internet more safely.


The General Assembly of the ICSS approved the Association's annual report for 2020.

The General Assembly of 27 May 2021 approved the applications received and the grants started.

Based on the health applications received in the recent period, we will assume the costs of medical treatment and surgery for 15 disadvantaged, sick children in Hungary and abroad, in the amount of HUF 5,071,230.

As part of our holiday program, we contribute to the camping of a disadvantaged children and a mobile school in the amount of HUF 7,970,000.

The General Assembly of the ICSS also approved personnel changes.